Huey Newton and Bobby Seale

(Picture: Black Panther Bread, courtesy of

“Huey wanted brothers off the block-brothers who had been pimping, brothers who had been peddling dope, brothers who ain’t gonna take no shit, brothers who had been fighting the pigs.” – Bobby Seale

Huey Newton was born in Louisiana in 1942 and moved to California three years later. Despite growing up poor and on the streets, he was able to attended Merritt College where he honed the ability to organize and articulate ideas. It is at Merritt where Newton met Bobby Seale. Like Newton, he was also raised in poverty and was grappling with the injustices facing African-Americans. Bobby Seale was born in Texas in 1936, but later moved to Oakland during World War II. While in Oakland, Seale dropped out of high school and joined the Air Force. However, he was discharged three years later for disobeying a white officer. Hence, Seale proceeded to focus on his education. He returned to high school and enrolled in Merritt College.

Both activists shared interests in ideas and philosophies, based on the teachings of Lenin, Marx, and Malcolm X. This similarities would shape the ideologies of the Black Panthers, as well as, the experiences of black people, like struggling with economic anxiety, racial injustice, lack of anxiety, etc.

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(Picture: Huey P. Newton, New-York Historical Society)

Bobby Seale

(Picture: Bobby Seale, BlackPast, public domain)

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