From Guns to Butter: Ruth Beckford-Smith

(Picture: Charles Bursey serving breakfast,

The BPP Free Breakfast was launched in Oakland in 1968 at Father Earl A. Neil’s St. Augustine Episcopal church. It was coordinated by local parishioner, Ruth Beckford-Smith. Ruth first found interest in the BPP after teaching a, Afro-Haitian dance class to young women at that same church. In one of her classes was LaVerne Williams, Huey Newton’s girlfriend. Ruth jumped at the chance to organize the program once she found out about it. Along with Father Neil, she consulted local nutritionists to construct a healthy menu for the kids and made sure the kitchen and church hall was properly inspected by the health and safety departments. To host a breakfast program, the space needed to be able to hold 50 people and have 10 people there working. It quickly became so successful that at the end of the very first week, Ruth was serving 135 children daily, as opposed to just 11 on the first day. As the program got bigger, it became mandatory for all chapters to have a program. 

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The Breakfast Program


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